Askala Selassie

Matthew 6:33
Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness,
and all these things shall be added to you.
“Put JAH first”















Warrior Empress

New and awaited album produced by Stingray records Available on all digital platforms

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Album Release Date – 3rd June 2016

Askala Selassie is proud to present her aptly titled debut studio album Warrior Empress. Rooted in the authenticity of reggae, the album is full of vibes, true and from the heart, wherein through JAH, Askala leads the warrior charge against all of life’s obstacles. The battlefield is diverse, and the roll call international, but the empress leading the way carries her audience through with her lioness’s strength from start to finish.



This accomplished piece effortlessly appeals to the masses, realising both the goals of the reggae-revival and the world reggae music scene; with such a powerful set list from start to finish, you know Askala Selassie’s future concerts will be nothing but quality at its highest level. It is sure to wow her already loyal audience and capture new fans alike. Her years of singing on stages from one country to another have honed and perfected the artists’ work; from pen to performance, this is her very own authentic sound that is well-realised, and impossible to replicate. The network of respected artists that have worked with her from around the globe are back again to collaborate on this album, and there are additional veterans of reggae joining the roster to create the cinematic sound, to be released on the one and only VPAL of VP records on 03/06/2016.


To JAH Be All The Glory

Download ‘My House’ for free

This song was recorded in 2013 at Stingray Studio in London. It was voiced at the beginning stages of making the Warrior Empress album, however was not one of the songs chosen to represent the album. We would like to share this beautiful song, My House with you as a gift.